i~TrackNav: is an exclusive solution available in the market designed and developed for the investigation agencies like the police department, private investigation agency and etc, the rigid tool helps in Navigation and Tracking of objects with the help of latest maps. Along with different GPS devices, it can able to track Person, Any Object and Vehicle also. This product is developed using latest technology and tools.


Feature of i-TrackNav:

  • Navigation:

    This module has enriched feature to navigate to the desired destination from the current location of the device, with the help of real-time Google map.

  • Tracking:

    This module helps to Track the movement and location of Person, Object or vehicle in the real-time. This has the below salient features.
                 a. Capable of storing and viewing the movement any time, the movement will be shown on real time Map.
                 b. Provides the current location of the Officer, vehicle or Object.

  • Remote Tracking:

    Tracking another remote device from the other Device itself is called Remote Tracking. This feature will be useful for any operation having sub-teams.

  • Case Mapping and Management:

    i~TrackNav is designed for Karnataka Police Department, this helps in managing the Investigation cases.
                a. Create ongoing cases along with the Brief details
                b. Mapping the ongoing cases to the officers
                c. This will provide the details about resource utilization with respect the Cases.
                d. This can be integrated with FTMS application.

  • Investigation Dairy:

    The movement or visiting the location with respect to particular Case is called Investigation Dairy. This will provide the detail report on case-date wise, for which list of the location visited by officers.

  • Geo-Fencing:

    The geographical boundary can be fixed to an officer, and an alert/Alarm is given if he crosses that defined boundary. This can be used to fix the jurisdiction for an officer.

  • Favourite Locations:

    Frequent or important locations can be tagged with the Map category wise. For an example all VIP residents can be tagged to a map under VIP category, similarly, we can have different category and its location on Map.

  • MIS and analysis reports:

    This module helps for generation of various reports and graphs to analysis the ongoing operations and will help to plan for the future operations and also helps to improve the business and quality of service in the best economical.

       Apart from above modules/functionalities i~TrackNav provides other key features like login,transaction security, access security and other settings, online real-time map etc.


FTMS (File Track Management System): keeps track of file locations, streamlines workflow, automates life-cycle management, facilitates compliance and reduces the cost of doing business.

        A complete feature set is available to each customer and the software is configured for each application using rapid application development tools. The software can be hosted and available via the Internet, or can be installed on internal Server(s). And, there are no costs for 3rd party Server or Client software! This means inexpensive, fast and scalable deployments.


Feature of FTMS:

  • Register files and documents as 'records' by printing and attaching a barcode or RFID label.

  • Store records in their appropriate classifications along with the prescribed metadata.

  • Search for and retrieve records when required.

  • Manage retention schedules.

  • Destroy records according to prescribed schedules.

  • Put holds on records so they don’t get destroyed while the company goes through an audit or investigation.

  • Track the access of the record over its active and in-active life cycle.


ESCORT (Extensive Support for COeternal Revenue Transaction): is a product developed to maintain all revenue transactions made under electricity billing and maintenance for energy utility companies, containing all required feature needed like billing, collection, statements and reports modules.

  This is designed and developed to meet the end to end solution for revenue transaction and related activities for all energy utilities in India and abroad. This product has two versions, one web based and other standalone. With the help of various modules and features this will meet all the requirement of the utilities. Major and vital modules covered under these solutions are as mentioned below,


Feature of Escort:

  • Billing Module: This module has enriched billing feature for all types of tariffs including HT, with Dynamic Tariff Configuration, Auto Tariff Effect Intelligent, Auto Data Processing Services, no month end process difficulties and etc additional features.

  • Collection Module: This includes Collection Facility for all Head of Accounts, Remote Cash Counter Facility, Barcode Reader Facility, Cash Remittance and Tally Reports and Integration to other services like ATP, ECS, Post Office and any other if any. Auto Synchronize Services helps in achieving Uninterrupted Collection facility by saving Information locally in case of Internet failure and auto update to server once internet is restored, Hence network is not constraint for this critical activity.

  • Reports Module: Various reports like daily, weekly, monthly and MIS as per the business requirement. Report Engine feature provides flexibility to the customer to generate required information on the tip of the finger.

  • Online Billing & Collection using GPRS Enabled SBM: This covers the entire tariff as per the billing guidelines set in the server side. Hence maintenance easy and will ensures error free billing and collection.

  • ESCORT Workflow engine: This is helps in customizing workflow to meet the process followed in day to day activities by the customer. Dynamic Work Item Authorities, Finger print authentication for the critical work items and Workflow History for Auditing are the value added features available under this module.

  • Additional Security features: This includes Finger Print Authentication along with Password, Client System/Asset registration to ensure unauthorized access, System Access Timing Security, Client IP and cookies logging for Security Audit as per AAA Standards.

  • Online Consumer Enquiry & Transactions: Registered Consumer can log and view their bill information and revenue transaction online, Consumer can raise their service request online and A secured WCF are available to integrate with payment gateway so that consumer can use online payment feature.

  • Smart & Secured Integration: As ESCORT is a 4 Layer application, has secured WCF for all the business process and hence same can be used for integration of the application with other third party applications like RAPDRP, ATP, ECS, Financial accounts etc. An Integration master ensures the additional security against unauthorized access to data.

  • Additional Module: PEWMON (Planning Estimation and Works Module) can handle all type applications, estimations, Work awards and CRs, also facilitates store transaction for works.


MIS Click (Management Information Science): is a robust solution for generation of MIS reports along with critical activities for any utilities. This software is specially customized for energy utilities requirement to achieve the complete purpose. Latest technology and tools enriched the user interface of this software.


VTMS (Vehicle Track Management System): increase the efficiency of your business through their ability to inform you of the movements of vehicles in your fleet. The data provided allows you to accurately log your driver's hours, make sure that your vehicles do not deviate from work-related activities, and avoid redundancy or excess mileage/gas expenditure. The presence of the GPS Tracker in each vehicle provides an incentive for your drivers  to  follow  company  policy and  maintains the integrity of your workforce.

Furthermore, the unit is able to provide drivers with directions, which saves time and mileage they might otherwise spend lost or asking for help. Finally, the information is electronically stored, saving you money and space that might otherwise be wasted on paper, and saving you the time that might otherwise be spent filing and searching for paper logs. With VTMS, the program does the work for you, and the information you need is just a click away. Furthermore, informs you of the distance to your destination, and the estimated drive time. The Instant Route feature takes the guesswork out of planning a route by allowing you to input the starting point and end point of any route and immediately receive detailed turn-by-turn navigation.VTMS can implement the exact business functions you require.


Feature of VTMS:

  • GPS Tracking.

  • Vehicle Performance and Monitoring.

  • GeoZones and Alerts.

  • eDriver Logs.

  • Fuel Tax Reporting.

  • Distance and Route calculation for quotes and driver compensation.

  • More reporting options than you thought possible.


InMon (Inventory Monitory Management System): will enable you to access, monitor, and maintain your inventory from any web browser... from the office, from home, from your laptop, tablet, handheld device (scanner), or smart phone! Check stock levels, order replacement inventory, monitor distributions, print reports and much more. InMon is the online inventory management software of the future and it's here today!

  Whether you distribute your inventory to external customers or to departments within your own organization, you can now give these clients the ability to view specific inventory, print reports and catalogs and place orders remotely with this remarkable online inventory management software. Visual Inventory is an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes. From small business to large enterprise organizations, Visual Inventory is the answer to your inventory management problems.


Features of InMon:

  • To meet anticipated customer demand.

  • To smooth production requirements.

  • To decouple operations.

  • To protect against stock-outs.

  • To take advantage of order cycles.

  • To hedge against price increase.

  • To permit operations.


ATMS (Attendance Tracking & Management System): We have a unique, proven solution - " Attendance Tracking & Management System" (ATMS). This system is highly Error free, user friendly, secure, accurate, capable of online MIS integration. The possibilities and benefits of using biometrics for employee authentication are endless in workforce management. Biometrics improves the ease-of-use, efficiency, and accuracy of timekeeping systems while saving payroll costs and increasing productivity.


Features of ATMS:

  • Biometrics makes it impossible for employees to defraud a time and attendance system.

  • Electronic data can be collected by employees’ punching in or out over a secure web browser, from an electronic or biometric time clock.

  • Automated time registration and collecting reduces or can eliminate the need for any manual re entry of timekeeping data into a payroll system when the two are integrated.

  • An automated time and attendance system can provide both direct and indirect investment returns.

  • Using a biometric time and attendance software allows for increased efficiency in multiple areas.

  • Data can be accessed by authorized personnel on a real-time basis. Instant availability of data.


ATP Machines (Anywhere, Any Time Payment): It could be used for any utility bill payment. Using Any Time Payment (ATP) Machine consumers can pay their utility bills round the clock- 365 days, either by cash or cheque and get a receipt of the amount paid on the service number of the consumer. ATP has a touch screen application built with high security features. ATP software works on both Online and Offline mode to speed up the process and ease customer which making their payment. Transaction are highly secure, accurate capable of online MIS integration. Retail mode of the same machine is available, with customized solutions.


Some of the unique features, and hence benefits available in this product are:

  • Now you need not go to only your subdivisions to pay your electricity bills. You can pay the bills in any of the ATP Kiosks anywhere in the city. Just to give an example: A customer can pay the electricity bills in any of the ATP Kiosks anywhere across ESCOM's jurisdiction.

  • Customers can pay the bills as per their convenience, at their leisure time, as the machine is functional round the clock 24*7*365, just like an ATM machine. Furthur, the operation is also very user friendly, and could be operated easily like an ATM machine.

  • Different Payments modes like Cash/Cheque/DD, Debit Card, Credit Card and Online Bank transaction are available.

  • No manual data upload/download required, and consumer payments will be posted to their account on real-time. Secure, Accurate, and automatic.

  • This includes various computer enabled security features to safeguard the cash and to restrict the unauthorized access. Highly Secure, accurate.

  • Online dashboards and MIS by email and SMS to management about real-time collection trends. Instant availability of data.

  • The proposed machines has optional facility of bulk note accepting feature. Transactions hence are easy, quick with very less/ no waiting time.

  • The solution has a facility to enable remote collection points in any authorized shops/outlets by sending SMS or using Smartphone. This works on prepaid model. Uncluttered authorized network.

  • Significant departure of this aspect compared to regular ATP machines is that - it could be installed in most of the retail setup from banking ATM to neighborhood bakery store! This could significantly decongest the customer from having to walk-in to nodal points, beside being user friendly, convenient, provides hassle free payment options to customers, takes less waiting time, etc.

There are mainly 3 ways where it could seamlessly operate:

  • Kiosks - It could be installed in places wherein there is huge inflow of customers. Huge Apartments, Catchment areas, IT parks, even bus stations et al are typical examples. Depending on the space availability, a miniature version of the machine( with all features intact) could be deployed.

  • Mobile device with SMS/email confirmation or optional Bluetooth printer - To draw a parallel, it works similar to prepaid currency model. We could equip typical retail/ kirana store with a mobile and tab with preinstalled apps- who could collect the payments from walk in customers. We will authorize the storeowner, to the extent he pays the advance to us. Customer could get instant SMS/email confirmation. It could be connected to a Bluetooth printer, if customer in that vicinity insist on the hard copy.

  • Mobile device with Bluetooth printer( Ideal for Spot billing operation) : Same as above, with the difference being that the operator would be able to give the printout of the receipt.

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